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Caring for Our Beloved Seniors with Dedication and Love

At Eagel Day Care, we are dedicated to providing the best care and support for our cherished seniors. Our mission is to create a warm and nurturing environment where they can thrive, connect with others, and enjoy life to the fullest. With years of experience in elder care, we are committed to ensuring their well-being and happiness every step of the way.

Care For Loved One

Eagle’s highly qualified professional staff will provide services to your parents that you otherwise could not offer

Respite From 24-Hr Responsibility

It is very difficult to take care of your elderly parents 24-Hr every day and Eagle will give you the much needed break time

5 Days A Week

The program runs every week Monday – Friday, starting at 9:00 AM and lasting until 3:00 PM

“No” To Nursing Home

Avoid the guilt of premature nursing home placement of your dear ones, when may only require minimal assistance.


Assistance With Activities Of Daily Living​

Assistance is provided for bathing and dressing when the participant’s requires either direct care or constant supervision, transfers when the participant must be assisted or lifted to another position, ambulation when the participant must be physically steadied, assisted, or guided in ambulation, personal hygiene, etc..

Nutritional And Dietary Services​

The Center will offer nutritional counseling to the members by the Registered Nurse, consumer shopping advice, and menu planning will be provided under the supervision of a registered nurse and dietitian and, if necessary, the member’s family.

Nursing And Health Oversight​

The registered nurse periodically evaluates the participant’s health status and abilities and keeps track of any changes in health status, incidents, or any other unusual occurrences with each member.

About Us

Our parents came to this country at an advanced age which combined with language barriers made it impossible for them to integrate in the completely unknown and new environment.

They are very dependent upon us and require our assistance in their activities of daily life, doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping, administering
medications and social life.

Quite often we had to work with reduced hours and take unpaid leave to support them with their medical and social needs.

When we brought up the idea of having an Adult Day Care Center where they could have an active social life under medical supervision they were very enthusiastic and supportive.


Eagle Adult Day Care’s mission is to provide a program of social, recreational and medical services in a group setting that offers participants the opportunity to socialize and enjoy peer support

  • Provides social and medical services in a stimulating environment that promotes better physical and mental health
  • Offers respite to families and other caregivers who have responsibility for an older adult who cannot be left alone during the day and yet does not require 24-hour nursing care
  • Helps functionally impaired adults, who live alone and need supportive services to improve or maintain their level of independence
  • Specializes in meeting the needs unique to the Albanian population of Massachusetts

Why Choose Us

We speak your language and understand your tradition

Our staff is fluent in Albanian. We provide TV channels in your language, live music with songs you grew up with, most popular games of your country of origin, delicious Eastern European cuisine, etc..

We have experienced nursing personnel

Our nurses have many years of experience working with elderly and disabled people and speak Albanian. They will treat you with the love, respect and dignity you deserve. They will assess your health condition, control your blood pressure, administer your medications as well as assist you and give advice for any medical needs that you might have.

We are open to improvement

As experienced as we are, we acknowledge that there is always room for improvement. As such, we are open to any ideas or suggestions that will improve our work and better serve our clients. We regularly ask our participants and their family members for feedback on how we are doing and how to improve our service.

Ask about joining our family today!

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